If you guys are planning to go to Melbourne, you have to stop by this alleyway cafe 🙂 My friends and I went to Melbourne for 5 days at the start of September and because it was our first time here, we were recommended this place. It’s located in the heart of the city CBD so it’s perfect to stop by before a long day of shopping or for lunch!


We used GPS to locate this little gem and it was around 10:30am and there was already a short queue to dine in!! We waited around 15 minutes so that was all right because we just walked around the area to kill time haha.


We were seated in the corner to your left hand side when you walk into the cafe. How cute is this wooden menu!? 🙂


You are then given a bottle of tap water while you are deciding what to order. There was already a dish of brown sugar as well as S+P on the table to use for your meals.


To start off we ordered our drinks 🙂 I chose my usual Chai Latte which was presented in a glass cup with a cute paper doily on the saucer.


I enjoyed this and I had no negative comments because I just love Chai latte hehe!


You can see the beautiful layer of foam deliciousness along with a sprinkling of cinnamon 🙂 My friend ordered a fresh apple juice which I did not take a picture of lol!


My other friend ordered a hot chocolate which is super cute! The hot chocolate came separately in a small yellow jug, while the other black cup contained some chocolate so it melts as you pour the drink in 🙂


Layers of chocolate powder over the top mmm mmmm!


You can see the chocolate sitting on the bottle of the cup with some cream, waiting to be melted 😛


This is where the magic happens 😀 This is some drink porn right here haha!! As you watch the hot chocolate being poured into the cup filled with chocolate so when it melts in with the drink and becomes thick and rich 😉


Luckily the food came out pretty quick so we were saved since we were starving! I had ordered the French Brioche with raspberries, berry sauce, dusted with powdered sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream and forgive me, but I have forgotten what this mountain of delicious crumbs were! LOL


All I remember is how amazing this tasted 🙂 I love my French brioches so much! The bread was thick cut, crunchy and toasted on the outside, but as you dig into it, it’s very fluffy and dense. Oh, the contrast!


I also loved the contrasting flavours you get from each bite! The raspberries were plump, fresh, slightly sour and tangy, but the vanilla ice cream and dusted sugar balanced it out with it’s sweetness. I also liked how the bread can soak up the yummy berry sauce.


My friend had accompanied his apple juice with this dish consisting of fried eggs, crispy pork belly with some leafy greens, dollop of who-knows-what-this-is sauce and a potato looking side! (note to self: Take a picture of the menu before giving it back to the waiter haha)


He also enjoyed his meal and had nothing negative to comment on 🙂 The cafe also had a separate menu for Breakfast and Lunch just letting you know! All of our dishes are from the Breakfast menu and it stops being served after 11 or 11:30am I think!


You can see how nicely crisp the pork belly skin turned out! The portions are great, not too big or small 🙂


Some egg porn here 😉 A perfect sunny side up!


My girlfriend had ordered the baked eggs with chorizo and bread which accompanied with her hot chocolate 🙂 I sneaked a bite and this is amazing!! I see why a lot of people order this dish.


The pot it’s served in is steaming hot so it sits on a wooden board along side with a few slices of bread that you can dip into this pot of gold!


It looks like sour dough to me? But sorry I don’t know what exactly haha! It’s drizzled with a bit of olive oil for taste.


See that ooey gooey cheese? so good!! Looks like there’s a dollop of sauce (perhaps sour cream?) on top with some sprinkles of basil or some sort of herb with some chopped nuts 🙂


At the front of the cafe you will see some people lining up to order take away coffee and there’s this window of pre made desserts or pastries you can take with you 🙂


Wish I could eat them all haha!


The prices are reasonable too!


We sat near this display so it was very distracting to look at haha.


Now it’s time to take you around the cafe! I love how they hung floral or patterned tea cups on the wall 🙂


That’s the area where you pay for your meal and you can watch the barristers get to work!


Sitting above us were these caged light bulbs which was interesting!


This is the corner that we were seated. My girlfriend sat on that chair and I was seated to her left 🙂 I love this butterfly wallpaper! It’s so bright and bold.


A closer look at the wallpaper 🙂


I hope this post had made you drool! 😉 Melbourne has so many amazing cafes and alleyways where you can discover an amazing food and coffee culture! I am definitely coming back here next time i come back to Melb 🙂

– J

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