The decision to move to Japan

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It’s been a while since I have written a post about a topic on my website…

Where should I start? I guess I could start with something interesting: The decision to live in Japan from April 2017 🙂

If you don’t watch my videos on YouTube or follow me on Instagram, then you may not have seen my announcement from last year regarding this decision! (Though I totally think you should check out my YT and IG if you haven’t hehe!)

It was definitely a hard decision to make, to set my mind to it and make it happen!


For a few years now, it has been one of my lifetime goals to live overseas. I really didn’t care where, just somewhere away from my country, Sydney, Australia. I fantasised about the day I would immerse myself into unknown culture and territory. Where nobody would know me, and where I will put myself in the deep end and hopefully get something out of it: experience and growth.

I am well versed with travelling, I have been so lucky to be raised in a family that loves to travel, and has been taking me to places since I was little 🙂 So far I have traveled to 10 countries! These are: Canada, United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Malyasia, Hong Kong and China 🙂 Since I have just turned 25 this month, it had really made me think about achieving my goals and making it happen. I realised that I am now a quarter of a century haha. Not a great mindset to be in, but it was what pushed me to make this decision.

For the longest time I had been putting this dream on hold, shoving it to the back of my head and just letting my future self deal with it later. But since September 2016, I thought to myself, screw it. Just do it! (Took advice from the Nike slogan XD). I thought life is too short, and it has definitely been accelerating too fast. I couldn’t believe I’ll be turning 25! It only felt like yesterday that I was my 16 year old self and was dreaming at high school about my future life at 21. Next thing I know, in a blink of an eye, all my teenage years has flown by me in a flash. From the years of 18 to my early 20s, those years were full of lessons that I’ve learnt the hard way. I’ve been through so much during these years and now I feel like I am ready to make this dream come true.

Of course, I had looked at the situation and weighed out the positives and negatives of moving overseas. Doing so also opened a can full of doubts in my head, but I pushed through and tried to remain positive! In the end, the experiences and growth that I will gain from this venture will outweigh the negatives. I don’t want to be the little old lady at 70, to regret that I had not pushed my past self to follow my dreams. That scenario was also one of the driving forces for me 🙂

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons:


  • Getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Leaving a life of “stability” eg. Full time/Part time work to gain a stable income to live .
  • Leaving friends and family. Possibility of disconnection if you both don’t try to make it work via. Internet.
  • The risk of dangers living in a country you do not know well/ or do not understand the language.
  • MONEY! One of the most important things we need to get started.
  • Finding a job overseas. Once again, if you don’t know the language, it could pose a problem in the long term of your stay.


  • Meeting new people, making new international friends.
  • Sight seeing around the country, learning about it’s culture.
  • Getting to live like a local of that country.
  • Learning a new language.
  • Learning to live by yourself. (A game of survival!)
  • Self growth through new experiences that you may not get from your current situation.
  • Studying overseas, if you are wanting to get a student Visa.
  • MEMORIES that you will cherish forever! 🙂

After writing down a personal list of pros and cons, I had also talked to my family about it too. Don’t forget you are not the only person that’s affected by your decision. Your family, friends and loved ones are in this too. At first my mother was shocked and upset about it. She couldn’t understand why I would want to move away to somewhere that I am foreign to. I guess you can say it’s a typical motherly response because her child is flying out of the nest that she had been nurturing for years! I would also say it’s her culture to be shocked too haha. Being of an Asian nationality, what she wishes for me is to settle down with a full time job, and get married later on. I don’t blame her, it’s just her tradition as well as her generation to think this way. It’s only with my generation now that we are more open minded and daring to try something different!

After talking to my brother about it, he was cool with it 🙂 The good thing was that after my mother talked to us about it more, she started to accept my wishes and tried to support me! I have to say I am very lucky that my family isn’t as strict as other Asian families so it didn’t take too long to convince her to accept my decision. Thank you to my family <3

Okay so after typing away, I realised this post originally got too long haha. So I’ve decided to break them into parts, so it will make it easier to read! Let’s be real here: not everyone get’s excited when they open up a post then see an essay that’s an eye sore and painfully reminds you of your student days slaving away, typing up your assignments till 3am in the morning XD


So I thank you for reading this up until now without yawning, and I hope you have liked this post so far! The next part should be up tomorrow night in Aussie time 🙂

– J


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