Lip creams also known as the liquid lipstick has been a trend this year! I first discovered this type of lip product when Giorgio Armani had released their Lip Maestro ($52), which is a liquid lipstick that applies matte but offers bold, opaque colour and isn’t drying on the lips! Later on I found out other brands had started making their own version 🙂 such as Australis! Which is an affordable brand that you can find in Priceline!


L-R: Pa-Ree, Rio-D, Ny-Cee, Ma-Li-Boo, Tok-I-O

 These are their “Velourlips” which works exactly the same as the GA Lip Maestro! They are much cheaper ($9.95) but the only problem is that I find they are drying on the lips while GA Lip Maestro is moisturising 🙂 I suggest you use a hydrating lip balm before hand to avoid dry or chapped lips! With these, I instantly feel them “drying” on my lip and when I move my lips it feels a little stiff, while the GA Lip Maestro I can move my lips and not feel the product dry on my lip nor look like it. They are both long lasting and doesn’t feather out the lip! The packaging is cute though!


L-R: Pa-Ree, Rio-D, Ny-Cee, Ma-Li-Boo, Tok-I-O

They come in 5 colours, 4 of them are bold while offering 1 shade that is nude. The colour pay-off is amazing as you can see in the swatch above! Out of the 5 colours, I feel that the red (Ny-Cee) is less drying and applies smoother than the rest! I found that the neon colours applied patchy and needed a few coats on top to look “even”.  Below is how the colours look on my bare lips! I haven’t used lip liner so you can see the true colour.

– Pa-Ree: Beige brown nude with blue undertone

– Rio-D: Bright pastel peach

– Ny-Cee: True red with a good mix of blue and orange undertones

– Ma-Li-Boo: Purple pink with blue undertone

– Tok-I-O:  Deep pastel purple with blue undertone


I recommend these Velourlips if you are looking for a bold lip fix without the harsh price tag! 🙂 Definitely give these a try though! It’s great to have a variety of different brands so you can see which one suits you the best!

– J

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