I like to travel every year, so for my 2014 trip, my 2 girlfriends and I travelled around South East Asia for 5 weeks πŸ™‚ Our first stop was Singapore and stayed for 4 days!


Marina Bay Sands was one of the highlights of this visit πŸ˜‰

But let’s first start from the beginning! My friend booked our flights and we flew with Scoot from Sydney to Singapore and it took 7.5hrs. It was my first time flying with a budget airline overseas and it was rather uncomfortable the whole trip as the plane didn’t have much leg space and the chairs weren’t that relaxing! I usually fly with Quantas when I travel internationally.


So before we board our plane we took some time to shop around at the airport πŸ˜€ I bought this cute Victoria’s Secret leather passport holder for AUD$50! I wanted the hot pink version but it was sold out so I opted for the black. It also came in leopard print too! When I travel I live in sneakers because I find them comfy and easy to walk for hours πŸ™‚ My leopard print high top Vans saved me this whole trip hehe though they got trashed and the print started fading after the Full Moon Party in Thailand haha


So after we landed we were so hungry so we had a quick meal at Singapore Changi airport! I was so amazed at how beautiful and clean the airport is! It is so spacious with so many things to do such as shopping, eating, lounges to sleep on, entertainment area with tv/computer and games πŸ™‚


The only makeup I wear when I’m on the plane is my eyebrows haha! I can’t go out without them being filled in, I also MUST have moisturiser on too since being in the plane for hours dries out your skin!! My friend ordered fried rice and I can’t remember the name of the dish I had but it was spicy noodles although it doesn’t look that appetising it was yummy! and cheap hehe


After our quick meal we decided to wonder around and explore the airport as we had to wait for our friend to arrive from Hong Kong!! I took a few pictures of the flora:






A lot of people threw their change in the pond if you can see it πŸ™‚ It’s just so refreshing to the eyes to see how amazing this airport is! Usually most airports are so dull and boring but Singapore sure knows how to do it up and make it enjoyable! Especially if you are stopping over at Singapore to switch flights!

So as soon as our friend arrived we went to our hotel ASAP! After a long plane ride a shower is a must haha We first Β stayed at The York Hotel for 3 nights and it was a decent 4 star hotel πŸ™‚ΒΒ the staff were helpful and friendly, the rooms are clean, and it is quiet! If i remember correctly it took less than an hr taxi ride from the airport to there! The hotel is located near Orchard Rd shopping street so it was convenient for us as we only walked our way there!



Orchard Rd is a must visit when you’re in Singapore!! It has so many shopping malls as well as stand alone stores on the street! I would recommend 2+ days to explore and shop around because this is a shopaholic’s paradise πŸ˜‰ Again, the streets are clean and decked out in cute animal statues, flower gardens and banners! Same goes for inside the Paragon shopping mall hehe


Here is the list of malls we visited πŸ™‚ we loved all of them except for Mustafa Centre haha. You can find brands that you can’t find in Sydney!! Such as H&M, Forever21, Etude House, SaSa, Sephora etc and you will also spot some Aussies brands!! Such as Cotton On/Body/Rubi Shoes, La Senza, Diva!

The Paragon (low-high end brand shopping)

Lucky Plaza (indoor market and cheap shopping)

Mustafa Centre (very cheap indoor market!! but BEWARE of this place!! it’s located not so far away from the city and this area can be a little dangerous. Be careful of your bags/belongings here and also wear clothes that don’t expose too much of your body haha. Besides that, the things you can buy here is cheap! From toiletries, clothes, makeup/hair care, shoes, blankets, electrical, jewellery)

Plaza SingapuraΒ (low-high end shopping)

313 @ Somerset (low-high end shopping)

Takshimaya (med-high end shopping, boutiques, art gallery, gym, spa)

Raffles City Shopping Centre (med-high end shopping)

ION Orchard (low-high end shopping)

All of these malls are located near each other so you can explore by foot but it also depends where your hotel is! I recommend staying at a hotel that’s located in the heart of Orchard Rd so it will be easy to bring your shopping back to the hotel hehe πŸ˜‰ Orchard Rd is also filled with many tourists as well as locals so you won’t feel so alone!


If you ever stumble across a small fast food restaurant called TOAST BOX, you have to go!!!!! I ordered the laksa and it was so yummy! and cost less than AUD$5 haha also their Barley water is nice served warm! You’ll see so many of this restaurant chain around Asia! I guess it’s their version of our McDonalds haha I literally ate mostly Laksa in Singapore it was that amazing haha



The Starbucks here are just as good as Australia’s πŸ™‚ Iced Green Tea latte is my fav!!! Also got an Oreo Cheesecake to go with it hehe

How cute is the Hello Kitty cakes? and the Japanese dorayaki was delicious hehe if you are a dessert lover like me, you’ll love what SG has to offer! no one else can do dessert like the Asians do hehe πŸ˜‰




These are the only makeup I bought from Singapore haha I didn’t go too crazy as I wanted to wait till I was in Malaysia (next stop), Vietnam and Philipines since there wasn’t much of a price difference in Singapore. In fact, most things were on par or more expensive than buying in Australia! So I would recommend holding out until you go to your next destination! I also recommend getting to know the products you want to buy overseas and make sure you note how much they cost in Aus so you can compare the prices! You should install the XE currency app on your phone so you can view the currency exchange rate easily when shopping πŸ™‚


I was fan girling when I saw the SaSa and Etude House store as I love them!!!!! I haven’t been to SaSa since I was in Hong Kong years ago haha πŸ™‚ I only picked up 3 face masks from Etude, I’ve used them before and I love them!!! From SaSa I stocked up on the Fiberwig mascara which I adore, Ardell lash glue and AB eyelid fiber for a friend, and when I saw Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser I had to try it out!! I heard it was popular in Asia and it compares well with Benefit’s Porefessional but much cheaper haha


I also found the infamous Chanel Boy inspired phone case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2!! I was so shocked when I saw this at a street market because I thought this design was available for iPhones haha I actually paid AUD$45 for this which I ended up finding it for cheaper when I was in Malaysia and Thailand! I love this phone case and wore it many times when I went shopping and wanted to be hands free without a bag πŸ™‚

In one day we decided to set foot and walk a little further away from Orchard Rd and stumbled across this lovely place! Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of this or how we got there haha! Exploring without a map is so exciting you’ll never know what you encounter!


I loved the architecture πŸ™‚


There were many restaraunts here but unfortunately we came on a public holiday (Chinese New Year week) so everything was closed!



We then walked to Clarke Quay, where you can shop, eat and sight see!


Can you see Marina Bay Sands in the background? πŸ˜› Night then came upon us and we stayed here for dinner! We wanted to eat at JUMBO Seafood restaraunt which was considered the best place to try Singapore chili crab! But unfortunately we didn’t know we had to book in advanced or come early because it was so packed and they close around 11pm! We opted for Japanese. The food was okay, not the best though! I had Unagi with rice, miso soup and soft shell crab.



After dinner we walked around Clarke Quay and by then bars were getting busy!



My friend got told to visit Altitude rooftop bar and I was so glad we did! It cost AUD$25 for entry and there is a bar with lounges and a DJ!




The view of Singapore from here is breathtaking! You can see the ferris wheel and Marina Bay hehe

If you are a party animal, I highly recommend ZOUK nightclub!!!! We went on the night we arrived in Singapore because it fell on a Saturday night! Entry was around AUD$20 but it included 3 free drinks πŸ™‚ This is hands down one of the best night clubs I have been to haha. Asian clubbing doesn’t compare to Australia! The music and lights were amazing, it was very packed with locals/tourists and the locals are so nice! Usually girls get harassed by guys at clubs, but here for example, a guy asked us if he could dance with us, and we declined, then he said “sorry! have a good night”. I noticed the guys here respect females more compare to Australia! So you feel more safe πŸ™‚


Random tips:

– Singaporeans can speak English well so you won’t have trouble asking for advice!

– As for my phone I didn’t buy a Sim card here as I was only staying for 4 days and our hotel has free WiFi so I only recommend getting an SG Sim card if you are staying here for a week or more! What my friend did was she bought a $30 pre paid Vodafone Sim so she could call her family and she was able to use it in SG!

– Don’t wear thongs or sandals unless you don’t mind getting black feet! What I noticed when being in Asia is the high amount of pollution in the air which results in your feet turning black! So it’s always best to wear enclosed shoes when walking out and about!

– Shop light! When you are shopping, don’t bring too many useless things you don’t need so you in your bag so you won’t have to carry so much while you are shopping

– Always bring hand sanitizer and pocket tissues!! Toilets in Singapore are one of the well most looked after so you don’t have to worry too much about public toilet hygiene but it’s better to be safe than sorry

Well that’s it for now! My next post will be solely on my stay at Marina Bay Sands!!!!! πŸ˜‰

– J

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