I’ve been using these Australis liquid lipsticks since this year 🙂 (You can read my first post here: ( Since then, they have realised some new shades! I been wearing these 3 shades so much during the Sydney A/W season and they are perfect to create a vampy look too!


I have picked the shades: Shang-Hi, Doo-Bai and Buda-Pash 🙂 There are 2 more new shades which I didn’t pick up yet, which is Barth-Tha-Lona (Strawberry red) and Ro-Ma (Deep lilac?) 🙂 I plan to get the rest to finish the collection hehe.


When I saw these new shades, I instantly gravitated towards these 3 colours. They are exactly the shades I can wear my whole life!!! I love them all that I can’t just choose 1 favourite haha. The texture of these are like the others, they apply smoothly and they set on the lips. They don’t crack or bleed either! They are long lasting all day and you can get away with not applying a lip liner but I still recommend it for safe measure 🙂 Just about one coat can be done but like nail polish, I prefer applying 2 coats for maximum opacity! Also, if you have dry lips, I definitely recommend moisturising them before hand by applying some lip balm 😛


I love how that lighting can make these 3 colours look slightly different! I think that makes it interesting every time you are outdoors, indoors or under different lighting 🙂 (These are all swatches with one swipe just so you know!)


This is how these swatches look under natural day light 🙂 They apply with a satin finish, but give it a few minutes for it to completely set to a matte finish! You could always add some sparkly lipgloss or different coloured glosses to play around with different lip combos 😛


Let’s start with the 1st shade, Shang-Hi 🙂 It looks deeper on the tube, but when I wear it, it looks way brighter on me! It’s a beautiful blue tone magenta 🙂 I would also say it’s like a purple-hot pink! This will suit all skin tones and definitely look extra fabulous on chocolate and dark skin tones 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.35.24 pm

Second, is Doo-Bai 🙂 This is definitely a Fall lip colour! Is a beautiful, rich, blue tone burgundy. A colour that you can wear on all occasions and it’s a perfect deep red without going too brown or too purple. This will suit all skin tones and I’ve been wearing it often this A/W season 🙂


I even created a Fall makeup video on this look using this shade! 🙂 You can have a peek here:

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.34.32 pm

Last but not least, this is Buda-Pash! This is also more of an A/W seasonal shade, but if you love rocking dark lips, who cares if you wear it during the Summer 😛 I love wearing dark lips because I like the contrast it creates with my light skin tone. This colour is a deeper red than Doo-Bai, but has a brown undertone.


I hope this has sparked an interest for you guys to check out these 3 shades! I’m obsessed and its worth the money! For only $10 a tube from Priceline. Or you can wait till they have their makeup sale and you can buy it for as low as $6 a tube 😛

– J

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