Hi guys! Today I bring you a post about my favourite lip colour to wear: RED! 🙂 Red is the perfect go-to colour if you are going to a formal event or you feel super feminine! Red is the colour you can always count on, because it looks beautiful on every skin tone 🙂 You just have to find the right tone of red that suits you. Today, these lipsticks are all from MAC’s Matte range, so let’s get started!


Note: For the lip swatches I have not used any lip liner underneath, so the lipstick is applied directly on to the lip for an accurate colour swatch 😛


I’m sure most of you guys are familiar with the classic and recognisable MAC lipstick packaging. Specked, sleek black bullet with silver lining and the MAC logo 🙂


On the bottom of the bullet you’ll see the sticker with the name of the shade!


A better look 🙂 I have: Russian Red, Lady Danger and Ruby Woo!


From L-R: Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Lady Danger (My fav!!!!) 🙂


Russian Red and Lady Danger are 2 new lipsticks added to my collection! I got these from the Back 2 MAC incentive, where you return 6 empty bottles/products and you’ll receive 1 new lipstick and you can choose ANY colour except for the Viva Glam range 🙂

I love wearing red so much I had to pick 2 popular reds from MAC to add to my collection! I started with Ruby Woo but I also heard how popular Russian Red and Lady Danger is 🙂


It’s swatch time! 😛 From T-B: Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Lady Danger 🙂 You can see that Ruby Woo is SUPER matte! You can tell by seeing it on the bullet as well as the swatch. There is no shine whatsoever, which makes applying a bit hard because the texture doesn’t glide as smoothly as the other 2 lipsticks. Every time you want to use Ruby Woo, you have to ‘work’ the product to warm it up so you can glide it easily on the lips.


A close up 🙂 I would say Ruby Woo is a classic red which can suit any skin tone, while Russian Red has more blue undertones so it looks like a deep red, and Lady Danger has more orange undertones so it looks brighter and bolder on the lips! Lady Danger is my favourite because I find it suits my complexion and hair so well! I love reds with more orange undertones than blue 🙂

(If you are wondering about my skin tone, I am shade #20 in all Chanel foundations, #4 in Armani Luminous Silk, #4.5 in Armani Lasting Silk, #2 in Armani Face Fabric, NC20 in MAC, Punjab in NARS Sheer Glow, #2.5 in Estee Lauder Double Wear Light 🙂 )


When I was swatching these lippies, I noticed Lady Danger reminded me of my new lipstick pencil I recently bought from Maybelline! I decided to swatch them together and see if it makes a great dupe 😛 This is Maybelline’s new Color Drama lip pencil which is a lipstick in a jumbo pencil form. The colour is “Fab Orange” and it closely resembles Lady Danger except it’s a tad deeper in shade!


Here’s a look at all the colours under the natural sunlight 🙂 You can see that Ruby Woo has NO shine in the product comparing to all the others!


I hope this post was helpful for you, especially when you are looking for a new red or you want to see how these reds look side by side 🙂 I love MAC lipsticks because they last so well on the lips for a fantastic price! The quality is fabulous and I love their Back 2 MAC incentive so they can recycle used up packaging 🙂

– J

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