There are so many days where I just feel down for some reason, or for no reason at all. I think that’s okay from time to time, but I make sure I only allow myself to be in such a state for a short amount of time. Because there’s no point wasting a beautiful day dwelling over negative emotions.




I try to think of how lucky I am for waking up to another great day, where it offers me a fresh start. How lucky I am to wake up in a place of my own, where there is food in the fridge and clean water to drink. I give thanks to everything and the universe every day and night. It costs $0 to be thankful and to show gratitude.

We often forget how lucky we are and then we take things for granted and throw the silliest tantrums over the smallest problems. As long as you keep this in mind, anytime something negative comes in your mind, you are able to identify it and try to stop it from over powering you.

I’m not perfect and I know my flaws well. But I think it’s a great start when you know your flaws and try your best to be better 🙂

It’s kind of scary but interesting how I have gotten to know myself so much better as I got older. It seems that more things are becoming clear to me now than ever. To see this change in me makes me happy that I am growing as a human being.

I can only hope it gets even better from here!

– J

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