The Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes is one of my all time favourite product to use 😀


The 1st and 2nd palette I have bought from which is a reputable site, free shipping and arrived within 2 weeks to Sydney! and the 3rd I had received as a birthday gift this year in January hehe they are pigmented products and I love that they don’t crease and last long! The colour pay-off is amazing and of course the different types of shades are versatile 🙂

Here is a side by side comparison picture of all the shades you get in all 3 palettes!


Let’s start off with the original Naked 🙂


It comes in a faux suede palette and a complimentary eye shadow brush and their infamous Primer Potion in a mini size 🙂


I would say this palette is a MUST have if you are going to choose from either 3 because the shades are so versatile! You get matte nudes, gold, warm/cool browns and blues 🙂


Below is a swatch of the first 6 shadows! L-R:

– Virgin (satin cream)

– Sin (shimmery pale rose)

– Naked (matte brown beige)

– Sidecar (shimmery brown beige)

– Buck (matte warm brown)

– Half Baked (shimmery gold)


These are all done with one swipe from the pan! 😀


The swatch of the last 6 shadows! L-R:

– Smog (shimmery golden brown beige)

– Dark Horse (shimmery cool brown taupe)

– Toasted (shimmery rose mauve)

– Hustle (deep purple)

– Creep (semi matte blue black with blue micro glitter)

– Gunmetal (shimmery blue gray)


This primer potion is the bomb!!! It’s one of my fave eye shadow primers to use 🙂 It works well with the shadows and helps it last longer on the lids as well as bringing out the colour too. It goes on and dries clear so it doesn’t interfere with the colour, it’s also not sticky and dries quickly. This is the old packaging of the PP! The new packaging is more user friendly because it’s in a tube because this old packaging has more product wastage because of the wand and bottle design!


Now for the 2nd palette, it also comes with a complimentary 2 sided brush and a mini lip gloss 🙂 I love how they changed the packaging into a tin! I just think it’s more sturdy and sleek because with the 1st palette the “NAKED” gold print easily scratches off and faux suede material collects dust easily haha


This palette has the shade “Half Baked” which is also in the 1st Naked!! I don’t mind it since I love that shade and gold is a classic staple to any eye shadow kit 🙂 It also features a jet black shade which everyone needs haha


Let’s get swatching!!!! 😉 L-R:

– Foxy (matte pale yellow nude)

– Half Baked (shimmery gold)

– Bootycall (satin cream very similar to “Virgin” in 1st palette)

– Chopper (shimmery rose gold)

– Tease (matte cool taupe)

– Snakebite (shimmery cool brown)


I just love how they mix in matte, satin and shimmer shadows 🙂


The last 6 swatches! L-R:

– Suspect (shimmery cool brown beige)

– Pistol (shimmery gray)

– Verve (shimmery gray white)

– YDK (shimmery pale rose)

– Busted (shimmery deep purple, similar to “Hustle” from the 1st palette)

– Blackout (matte jet black)


For me the 2nd palette consists of a few similar shades from the 1st palette! But it’s great to mix and match 🙂

As for the extra lip gloss included with this palette, it has a minty scent and helps with plumping of the lips!


It’s a raspberry colour with blue micro shimmer! You can see this in natural lighting and sunlight:


The 3rd Naked palette packaging stayed with the 2nd palette in the tin style and I love the rose colour as well as the texture on the lid!


I just love that they finally made a palette that consists of majority warm and rose shades 🙂


Pink tones isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it looks great on fair-light skin tones! This palette also doesn’t contain any complimentary mini sized product besides a brush unlike the last 2 with the extra PP and lip gloss!


Time for the swatches 🙂 L-R:

– Strange (matte cream)

– Dust (shimmer pink with glitter, pigmentation in this shade is poor and is pretty flaky)

– Burncut (satin rose pink)

– Limit (matte dusty pink)

– Buzz (shimmery pink mauve)

– Trick (shimmery copper gold)


And the last swatches! These last 6 swatches is similar to Naked 2’s last 6 swatches but more warm!



– Nooner (deeper dusty pink than “Limit”)

– Liar (deep shimmery pink mauve)

– Factory (shimmery pink purple)

– Mugshot (shimmery warm beige brown)

– Darkside (deep shimmery gray purple)

– Blackheart (matte purple black with pink micro glitter)


Now here is a side by side comparison to all 3 brushes included in these palettes! I love how the last 2 consists of double ended brushes that includes a blender and a shading brush 🙂


I personally prefer Naked 3’s brush because the blender is short which makes it easy to control blending!


These are all synthetic bristles and they are good, but they could be softer! I don’t use these unless I have to if I forget my personal brushes.


I hope this helps you in your decision making if you are looking to purchase one or all of the palettes from the Naked family 🙂

– J

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