February + March Favourites

Hi guys! As the end of April is approaching, I thought I post up my February/March favourites as I haven’t done so yet. Though I have already posted this earlier on my Instagram 🙂 The reason why I’ve combined February with March is because I haven’t tried much new products during February so I’ve combined it with March! This was also the time where I was overseas so I’ve purchased a lot of new products that I’ve been trying and can’t wait to show you my reviews!

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During February + March I’ve been loving:

– Dollywink Eyelash pairs #1. This is one of the first designs Tsubasa Masuwaka came up with for the launch of this brand. It is still my most favourite style to this day 🙂 I love how simple it is, yet it defines the eyes and I love the cat eye style! It is softer from the inner corners of the eyes then flares out longer and thicker at the ends. This is a popular style that Gyaru girls like to wear for that makeup style. The band is thin and transparent which is perfect so it looks more “natural” and feels comfortable when you wear it.

– Les Essentials skincare by Chanel. This is an interesting skincare trio that works perfectly when used together to incorporate with your current skincare! I love Le Jour and Le Weekend the most because they keep my skin smooth, clear and the pores small! 🙂 Le Jour contains Salicylic Acid, while La Nuit contains Hyaluronic Acid, and Le Weekend contains Glycolic Acid. If you do some small research on these 3 key ingredients, you’ll realise how important they are if you are prone to breakouts or if you want to improve the quality of your skin!

– NARS One Night Stand palette. I love this palette so much! I always take it with me when I go travelling because it contains everything I need: Highlight, Bronzer and Blushes 🙂 I like to pack light so I bring as little as possible. So anything that’s compacted into a palette is the perfect product for me 🙂 I like to keep this simple and basic so I can shop and bring home other products from travelling haha.

– Lycée Eye drops by Rohto. These eyedrops are so popular in Japan and are featured in a lot of magazines for years! Since I was in Japan last month, I had to get my paws on these. They were so cheap too! They were under $10AUD 🙂 I love how you can choose the ones that give your eyes a refreshing, minty feeling or you can choose the normal ones 🙂 Most of all, I love the packaging!

– Pure Color Gloss by Heavy Rotation. This lipgloss has been my go-to when I was in Japan 🙂 I’ve been loving nude lips with just some gloss! I love how this doesn’t have a sticky feeling and it keeps my lips moisturised 🙂 This is a brand that I love and I started off with using their eyebrow gels. The packaging is super cute too! Japanese cosmetics come up with the cutest packaging 🙂

That wraps up my February/March Favourites for the start of this year 🙂 I hope you will look forward to my April Favourites that will come up soon!

– J


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