I’ve been meaning to come here for a long time and I finally had the time to come out for some brunch and a well overdue catch up session with my girlfriend 🙂 I now know why so many people love coming to Devon! Beautiful cafe located in central (This is the original Devon cafe, there is also another cafe located else where, called Devon on Danks) so it’s close to Central station 🙂 The service is lovely, and the food, is definitely the star of the show!


We ordered a main and drink to ourselves but also decided to order a side of fries because we can’t say no to it 😛 My girlfriend ordered the Eggs Blini with a side of Iced Orange Mocha and I ordered Breakfast with the Sakuma’s and a side of Chai latte 🙂


My dish was so delicious and amazing! Definitely going back to Devon for this 🙂 Everything worked so well together and the Miso-grilled king salmon was cooked to perfection! I love raw salmon and I dislike over cooked salmon, but this was still slightly on the under cooked side which is perfect to me 🙂 It was so soft, juicy and slimy! haha.


This dish is also accompanied with a smoked eel croquette and 63-degree egg which was again, perfectly cooked! I love runny egg yolks and soft, melty egg whites. Served along a bed of greens, dollop of mayonnaise and sprinkled with some seasoning and seaweed shavings!


My girlfriend’s dish looked so good! It’s like Eggs Benedict but instead of using English muffins, You get 2 perfectly browned, fluffy pancakes 🙂


These pancake layers are topped with slices of smoked salmon, 2 perfectly cooked eggs with runny yolks, topped with greens and drizzled with hollandaise sauce 🙂


She ordered the Iced Orange Mocha and she loved it 🙂


Our chips are delicious! I want to know what seasoning they put in there haha! Served with a dollop of mayo 😛 What’s with mayo here? I’m not complaining though haha, perfect combination to go with chips to make it rich and creamy!


My Chai latte was made well so that gives extra marks to Devon 🙂 I’m definitely coming back to try out their chips with soft serve as well as other delectable dishes! I also plan to visit their other location, Devon on Danks 🙂 I recommend this to you guys if you haven’t been to Devon yet! Now it’s on my top list of favourite cafes hehe.

– J

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