Recently I have gotten a few Chanel goodies 🙂 Who can’t say no to the iconic CC? hehe sometimes I think that logo hypnotises all of us and makes us wanna own everything Chanel haha!!!


I have gotten their classic No.5 Eau de Parfum, Hydra Beauty serum, Hydra Beauty Nutrition lip balm, Les Beige powder & Ecriture de Chanel liquid liner 🙂


I already own a lipstick and Coco Mademoiselle perfume which I loooooooove dearly, so it’s great to try other products from their collection!


First off is the No.5 EDP in the 50ml size 🙂 this scent isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s so iconic that I think every Chanel lover should own! I personally grew to like this scent haha.. I remember when I was younger I thought it smelt very vintage! But since I actually tried it on my skin it worked quite well! No.5 is a very floral fragrance containing Neroli, Ylang-Tlang, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla & Sandalwood. So it’s a smooth, rich, powdery floral scent!


The golden juice is housed in the iconic glass, art deco inspired bottle. I have chosen the version that you dab onto the skin instead of a spray type! It features a glass stopper which you just twist out and you dab the stopper onto your skin 🙂 the scent lasted pretty well on me and it smells more vanilla on my skin than floral! It’s amazing how every fragrance is interpreted differently on every person haha


On the neck of the bottle is decorated with the CC logo as well as the body 🙂 When you hold this bottle, it feels heavy, luxurious and it fits my palm beautifully! And of course it makes for a beautiful decoration on your dressing table. Now it an be a buddy to my Coco Mademoiselle perfume hehe


And this is the top view of the bottle 🙂 This lid is featured in most of the other Chanel perfumes such as No.19, Coco, Coco Noir, Eau Premier & Coco Mademoiselle! I personally would wear No.5 during colder days and I wear my Coco Mademoiselle on warmer days.


Now to the new Les Beige Healthy Glow sheer powder 🙂 This was released a few months ago with the matching Healthy Glow fluid which is like a BB cream/tinted moisturiser. With this new range of powders contain a wide variety of colours from number 10-60! Chanel doesn’t have a powder bronzer but this range you can use as one since the colours 30-60 can be used as a bronzer on lighter-medium skin tones 🙂


I have chosen shade no.30! It’s too dark to use as an all over face powder (unless I tan, because no.20 matches my skin colour) but for now I use this as a bronzer/contour powder 🙂 For $80AUD it contains 12g of product which is fantastic as your average powder contains 10g of product! All Chanel powder products are sleeping inside a luxurious velvet pouch embossed with the CC logo! It helps protect your case from scratches from daily use. You wouldn’t want your beautiful Chanel cases to be all scratched and tattered up right?!


Since beige and black is an iconic colour palette in Chanel fashion, it’s no surprised it was recreated on the packaging! All Chanel powders are housed in a sleek, simple glossy case. Les Beige compact is instantly recognised because of the beige lid! All the other products are in a black/white case 🙂


When you first open the compact, you are greeted by a cute half moon brush! The bristles are very soft and I think it makes for a great contouring brush. But I don’t use it because I prefer using a full size powder brush 🙂


Underneath the brush is a lid which you take off to reveal the glorious powder! First thing I did was smell the powder haha I love smelling products and scent is important to me! If it doesn’t smell good, I wouldn’t want to use it. But luckily, all Chanel products smell amazing hehe and this powder’s scent is similar to the Hydra Beauty skincare! So that’s a plus 🙂


The powder is well pressed and it has been finely milled so the powder itself is very fine, lightweight and silky to the touch! You won’t be looking cakey in this powder that’s for sure haha


I hope you can see the swatch on my hand! No.30 is a natural tan colour with warm undertones! The finish isn’t matte nor dewy but in between! Thus why it’s called a “healthy glow” powder 🙂


You can build the colour up without it looking patchy or cakey and a little bit goes a long way so make sure you are light handed!


If you guys have used the previous version of the Ecriture de Chanel liquid liner, you will find it’s different compared to the updated version of this felt tip liner! The previous felt tip wasn’t sturdy and it bends easily so for beginners it may be hard to control. But for this new version the felt tip is also thicker from the base and stiff so you can rest it on your eyelid and draw easily 🙂


The tip of the pen is sharp so you can see you can create a fine line, or you can tilt the pen on it’s side for a thicker line. I have tried and tested this and I can say it lasted all day on my eyelid without smudging or running 😀 It’s not waterproof but it lasted long for a liner that isn’t! I always use an oil based remover for the eye area because it gets rid of everything quickly and efficiently 🙂 The black colour is intense so you won’t have to keep going over the line to build up the colour hehe


If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen my post of the new Hydra Beauty Nutrition lip balm that I got a few months ago! 🙂 Same as the eye liner, this is the new updated version of the previous one!


It’s $54AUD for 10g of product which is pricey since it’s a luxury lip balm haha the balm is housed in a sturdy ceramic style jar with the iconic black and white CC logo 🙂 It definitely feels luxurious to hold and whip out from your bag hehe


The scent of this lip balm is the same as the entire Hydra Beauty skincare range!! It smells so refreshing and the texture is slightly thick but it’s not sticky which most people will love 🙂


You can see the product is slightly cloudy and milky looking, but it goes on clear on the lips! The lasting power is great, I reapply every 2-3 hours depending if I drink or eat haha. I like to use this when I’m not wearing any lip product or underneath my lip liner/lipstick to prep them during a make over.


Last but not least, the Hydra Beauty serum for the face!! I have heard so many good things about this serum 🙂 Since I don’t have dry skin (I have normal-oily skin) I can’t see any changes to my hydration level on my skin because it’s not dry. But I have read a lot of dry skin ladies love this because it’s so hydrating! As for combination, normal or oily skin people like me, I can still use this serum because it’s not oily or thick and it absorbs into the skin so quickly 🙂 I would recommend this for all skin types and can be used all year round!


The texture of this serum is very light, silky to the touch and it’s slightly translucent and milky! The scent is so amazing in the entire Hydra Beauty range 🙂 It smells and feels so refreshing when you smooth it on your face haha. I have been using this serum every night for the past few weeks and my skin hasn’t reacted to it and loves it!! The skin does appear a little more luminous! The entire range contains blue ginger and Camellia oil which helps with the hydration. This range isn’t anti-ageing but purely for hydration and bringing more luminance to the skin!


I am so satisfied with all these Chanel products and I can definitely say you are paying for quality and of course the packaging of the products hehe I hope to grab some eye shadows and other products to try next time 🙂 I hope this helps you if you have been deciding to purchase any of these products or if it encourages you to pop by the counter and test them for yourself !

– J

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