Makeup Work

This was a birthday makeup look I created in 2013 🙂  

A makeup look I’ve done for a client in 2014 🙂 Dark smokey eyes with a nude lip always work!  

A burlesque client I had in 2014 🙂 I had so mud fun doing her eyes !!  

I remember doing this makeup during my Makeup college in 2011 🙂 Cut crease with a red lip!  

A gorgeous burlesque client I worked on in 2014 🙂  

A lovely girl I made up for her formal in 2014 🙂  

Three lovely girls I made up for their formal in 2014 🙂  

Glammed up this gorgeous girl again for a photo shoot in 2013 🙂 I focused more on her beautiful eyelid crease!  

I worked on this gorgeous girl again for her formal 🙂 She wanted strong eyes with a classic red lip! This was in 2013…

This was a fashion shoot for Roger and Peach brand in 2012 that I worked on 🙂 I kept the makeup look fresh and…