So today my friends took me to a lovely and quiet cafe in Glebe called, In The Annex 🙂 When you walk in you’ll notice there’s an ATM machine next to the bar where you order XD I thought that was so cool since I never see cafes with an ATM machine inside haha. It’s so handy especially if you’re like me, you rarely carry cash with you and it’s a pain when most cafes don’t take card payments! We all ordered a dish each and left out with a food baby 😉

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.16.13 pm

I have ordered a few slices of toast topped with 2 perfectly poached eggs, with cured smoked salmon, greens and a side of spiced onion relish. I also ordered a Chai latte to start with 🙂


Close up of my dish!! I love the presentation, very colourful and interesting placement! I love the lemon slice to give some zesty flavour to the smoked salmon and greens 😛


My girlfriend ordered black beans quesadillas! I had a taste and it was so flavourful! I loved that they also added melted cheese inside 🙂 This was mega filling since there was a lot of beans inside.


My other friend ordered a smoked salmon salad I believe? I can’t remember exactly whats in it but ill update this space as soon as I find out XD It was super healthy though!


I love the cute monkey tea cup that I poured my Chai latte in 🙂


I was amazed how my Chai Latte came in a large tea pot! All the cafes I go to give me one standard serving of Latte while this one, I was able to have 3 more refills in my cup 🙂 The Chai Latte was true to taste, a strong spice flavour which I love and look for in a Chai latte. Too many places make it very sweet and less spicy. It keeps me warm, especially love it during cooler days!


Some yolk porn to finish up this post 😉 Perfectly cooked, soft eggs is a winner for me! It was all up $60 for our food which is great since all dishes are around $12-$15 and if you want to add a side, it will cost around $6-$8 🙂

– J

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