April Favourites

Hi guys! This is my April Favourites 🙂 That month I’ve been using some new items that I have been loving! I took the chance to try a new foundation as well as some Japanese beauty products I got from my Asia trip 🙂

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During April I’ve been loving:

– Dollywink Eyelash glue. As I finished my favourite DUO dark eyelash glue, I took the chance to get something different 🙂 Surprisingly I love this product so much because of how easy and mess-free the applicator is! It’s a wand style eyelash glue and it dries so much faster than DUO and it dries properly translucent unlike the translucent DUO glue haha. Not to mention how cute the packaging is too!

– Kat Von D Lock-it foundation. I love how this foundation is matte, long lasting as well as providing a flawless, full coverage 🙂 I love how it keeps my oily shine at bay and I can say how similar it is to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light! With these types of foundations I can skip using powder to set it which I prefer because sometimes I don’t like the look of powder all over my face 😛

– Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting spray. I heard so many good things about this product so I thought I’d buy the small size first to test it out 🙂 I was not disappointed! I spray this over my KVD foundation and its a match made in heaven 🙂 I think this small size is also perfect for people who travel instead of bringing the bigger size 😛

– KATE eyebrow gel “BR-o1”. I bought this when I was in HK and I love it so much! This has got to be my all time favourite eyebrow gel 🙂 The colour is perfect to match my blonde hair and it has an amazing opacity to go over my black eyebrow hairs! Also have to mention that this product is affordable and you can find it on eBay too if you can’t get it in your country!

– Sleek Makeup Matte Me liquid lipstick. Target now stocks this British brand! It’s super affordable and I first used this brand when I tried out they eyeshadow a few years ago. I’ve seen people rage about this shade “Birthday Suit” and now I know why, it’s a beautiful mauve pink-brown shade! It’s the trend right now and it’s matte with a long-lasting hold!

– Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks blush. I bought this when I was in Tokyo because it’s a popular drug store product 🙂 The packaging is super adorable as well as the price is affordable! I love this shade of pink thats mixed together and it looks natural on the skin! You can use the lighter shade on the bottom left hand corner to highlight 🙂

That wraps up my April Favourites for the start of this year 🙂 I hope you will look forward to my May Favourites that will come up soon!

– J


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