I’m SO glad the brand hasn’t changed YSL Beauty into SL Beauty! Phew 🙂 Anyways, I have been meaning to write a post on one of my all time favourite lipsticks! The YSL Rouge Volupte and Rouge Volupte Shine 🙂


(L-R: RV 11 Rose Culte, 9 Rose Caresse and RVS 19 Fuchsia In Rage)

You probably seen these beautiful lippies all over Tumblr and all types of social media! The packaging is eye catching and you instantly recognise the YSL logo on the sleek golden case 🙂 The box packaging is just the same! YSL beauty products have always been showcased in a golden box packaging with the logo in a contrasting red!


The lipstick colour name and number is labelled on the front and on the top of the box! These lipsticks are $55 each and have 4g worth of product which is an average lipstick size! to me it’s worth the money for a luxury and quality product since Giorgio Armani lipsticks are $52 for 4g and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is $50 for 3g 🙂


So there are 3 types of Rouge Volupte lippies! There’s the original Rouge Volupte which is opaque in colour, then there’s Rouge Volupte Shine which is semi sheer and more glossy. Lastly there is Volupte Sheer Candy which is a sheer lipstick which act more like a lip balm 🙂


(L-R: Rouge Volupte 1, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, Rouge Volupte Shine 15, 19)

As you can see from the pictures, inside the YSL logo there is the matching colour of the lipstick on it so you can tell which colour you are picking up! On the RV lipstick, the YSL logo is gold, on the RVS lipstick, the YSL logo is silver! And as for the VSC lipstick, the case is silver 🙂


But first I shall start with the RV! I am a fan of opaque lipsticks just because I love wearing bold colours! The texture is amazing, it glides on almost feeling like “melt-in-your-mouth” haha the colour pay off is strong, it’s hydrating and it’s long lasting as well (especially paired with a lip pencil) 🙂


(L-R: Rouge Volupte 1 Nude Beige, 8 Fetish Pink, 9 Rose Caresse, 11 Rose Culte)



– RV 1 Nude Beige: nude pink with blue undertones (one of my favourite nude lippies!)

– RV 8 Fetish Pink: purple pink with blue undertones

– RV 9 Rose Caresse: medium rose pink with red undertones

– RV 11 Rose Culte: deep rose pink with red undertones


These lippies are worn as is on my natural lip without any lip liner so you can see the true colour and they are taken in natural lighting 🙂

Now for the final swatches, the last 2 lippies are RVS and you can see how much glossier they are compared to the original RV!


(L-R: Rouge Volupte 12 Forbidden Burgundy, 13 Peach Passion, Rouge Volupte Shine 15 Corail Intuitive, 19 Fuchsia In Rage)



– RV 12 Forbidden Burgundy: purple plum with red undertones (fav!!!)

– RV 13 Peach Passion: pastel peach with warm pink undertones

– RVS 15 Corail Intuitive: pastel peach with a little bit more orange compared to Peach Passion

– RVS 19 Fuchsia In Rage: purple magenta with blue undertones


The Rouge Volupte Shine lippies are beautiful for a tint of colour and you can see that the coverage isn’t as full as the RV! I find that their lasting power isn’t as strong as well just because the glossier a lipstick is, the less staying power it has! (think of it as a classic lip gloss that doesn’t last the longest, 2nd one in line would be a sheer lipstick, then a semi-sheer lipstick that will last longer etc)


 (wearing RV 12 Forbidden Burgundy which is one of my favourite plum lipsticks! The colour is just amazing it’s in between a plum and a red :))


(wearing RVS 15 Corail Intuitive which is my go-to lippy for a natural every day lip)


(wearing RV 11 Rose Culte, I am a fan of hot pink lippies! I think every lady should own one because its such a nice twist to your usual red lippy haha)


That is all for my humble collection of the YSL Rouge Volupte lippies 🙂 I will be adding some new colours soon so please keep your eyes peeled for another swatch and review 😉 Please give these a try if you haven’t yet!

– J

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